Women’s right that feminists don’t talk about

When people talk about women’s rights they usually omit the most important thing – the definition of a right.

What does it mean that someone exercises a right?

It means they can do something they want.

Hence, the right is the ability to do something that the right owner wants.

Now let’s assume that one of the things that most (not all) women want is a healthy long-term relationship. For some women, this is the single most important area of their lives, around which everything (incl. career) revolves.

We can say that women should have a right to a long-term relationship.

In order for women to exercise that right, there must be enough heterosexual men in the society who

  1. want and
  2. can

build a family.

The society can influence the supply of such men through, among others, propaganda and legislation. Rational men respond to both when deciding whether or not they want to start a relationship.

The more sane, healthy men decide to not marry, the less chance for women to exercise their right to long-term relationship.

Hence, any society that wants the majority of women to be happy, must also take care of men.