What the Catholic church cares and doesn’t care about

On the way Catholic priests from Archdiocese of Munich-Freising kept record about the rapes by the American soldiers in 1945:

From the reports of the priests it becomes clear that in their eyes the sexual violence in their communities wasn’t by far the largest problem. They report with much more detail and often with more indignation about plundering of the soldiers, the former prisoners of war, forced workers, people released from concentration camps and their own population. There are many detailed reports on property crimes and a few brief ones about sex offences. You can’t help, but get the impression that the clerics cared more about the integrity of their church towers and safety of their altar wine rather than the safety of the female part of the congregation.

You can find more information about the violence of American troops against civilians in Europe here.


  • Mirjam Gebhardt, “Als die Soldaten kamen“, chapter 3, “Wer schützt uns vor den Amerikanern?” (“Who protects us against the Americans?”)