The inherent, incorrigible racism of Westerners

Some time ago I decided I want to fix my issues with laziness during writing. I had this acquaintance whom I’ve known for seven years. A very successful, very smart guy. Speaks five languages according to his own statements. Runs his own recruiting agency. As a side-business he works as a shrink.

Most of the shrinks are useless. Education, experience, and certificates are not a guarantee that you will get anything useful out of a conversation.

But if the shrink is a sane, wise human being, talking with him can heal you (even if he does not have a particular certificate or education).

So I went to him. I wanted to get ideas on how I can be less lazy in when writing my book.

“Franz, what is your book about?” He said.

“It’s about the role of the Americans during and after World War II,” I said.

“But Franz…”

He shut the window.

“Downstairs is the police station.” He said. “I don’t want them to hear us.”

He sat down.

“It’s not the Americans who are guilty in all of this, but the Jews.” He started.

We continued to talk for about 4 hours. I sometimes managed to bring the conversation closer to my original goal – becoming more productive in writing. This had nothing to do with Jews. It was about me, my laptop, and the chair. No other people are involved in the process.

But he always managed to turn the conversation back to the Jews.

“Most people are wrong!” He said. “It weren’t six millions, but only two!”

He referred to the estimates of the number of Holocaust victims.

I did not respond like I should. Unfortunately, I haven’t punched him in the face. The turn from the very secular issue of personal productivity to Holocaust was too surprising to me.

I am a slow thinker, and it took me some days to understand how racist this former friend of me is.

The number of 6 million victims is racist. The number of 2 million victims is racist.

This particular Holocaust denier and 99% of other Westerners are off by an order of magnitude.

When they talk about the victims of crimes their ancestors perpetrated, they only take into account the lives of European Jews.

The real number of victims must be at least

  1. 8.7+18 million dead and
  2. 5.7 million captured.

These are the estimates of people, military and civilian, killed on the Eastern Front by the Westerners (Austrians, Germans, and their collaborators, incl. the British).

Neither Austrian scumbags, nor their American counterparts talk about these casualties. The Nazis with the Swastika had their Nuremberg laws. The Nazis with “stars and stripes” banner don’t publish their racial laws openly.

But both regard some nationalities as sub-human and worthy of annihilation. The Nazis with the Swastika thought like that about, among others, Russians and Jews. The Americans are different in that they don’t publicly declare Jews as the root of all evil. They shifted the role of the scapegoat nation from the Jews to the Russians.

Mainstream media brainwashes the population to believe these myths. Vast majority of, almost all Westerners believe in them. That’s why almost all Westerners are incorrigibly racist.

You too?