Essays on the Great Patriotic War (1975)

This book contains essays by Soviet writers and journalists on various events during World War II. The book was published by Politizdat (“Political literature publishing company”) in Moscow in 1975. Below you can find a list of authors and the sections of the book they wrote.

  1. Sergei Smirnov. A legend that became reality.
  2. Mikhail Bragin. Moscow — Berlin.
  3. N. Mikhailovskii. At the northern fleet.
  4. Vasilii Koroteev. The ring of Stalingrad.
  5. Arkadii Perventsev. From Volga to Malaya Zemlya.
  6. Aleksandr Krivitskii. The thunderstorm at Kursk.
  7. L. Pervomaiskii. Flaming Soul.
  8. Iakov Khelemskii. Several returns.
  9. Iurii Zbanatskii. On the banks of Dnestr.
  10. Anatolii Belosheev. There is a village in Belarus…
  11. Ivan Vinogradov. Farewell, battalions.
  12. Tatiana Tess. My beloved city.
  13. Aleksandr Shtein. Invisible thread.
  14. Alim Keshokov. The taste of Sivash.
  15. Nikolai Alekseev. Army General.
  16. Mark Charnyi. In Bulgaria.
  17. Vasilii Sokolov. In Yugoslavia.
  18. Pavel Luknitskii. Direction — Budapest.
  19. Elena Rzhevskaia. From Warsaw to the Brandenburg Gate.
  20. Evgenii Vorob’ev. On the threshold to victory.
  21. Anatolii Shcherban’. Last salvoes.
  22. Konstantin Simonov. Shortly before silence.
  23. Boris Polevoi. From Elba to Vltava.
  24. Evgenii Kriger. On the Pacific Ocean.
  25. Nikolai Bogdanov. Japan during the days of capitulation.