Putin’s ManBearPig invades the UK

Today I saw the following video, in which RT people claim that some British newspapers accused Masha and the Bear of being Putin’s spies.

If you don’t know it, Masha and the Bear is a cartoon series for children. Most of the episodes revolve around a little girl running around in a forest and playing with all sorts of animals.

When RT reported this story, I didn’t believe. So I searched and found out that at least two British newspapers actually accuse the characters of the show of being Putin’s spies:

Reading those articles got me thinking — aren’t there hidden messages in other cartoons?

For example, Tom and Jerry can be considered propaganda of unnecessary violence and sadism. Maybe this cartoon was sponsored by NRA.

Phineas and Ferb could be a PR stunt of toxic, white-male tech lobby. The cartoon is about family, in which only males (Phineas, Ferb, and, to a lesser degree, their stepfather) are inventing things. Their sister, Candace, never does anything technical (except bitching to ther mom about her brothers). Thus, the cartoon deepens gender stereotypes such as the idea that women are not interested in technology.

There is Gravity Falls, where the villain is a one-eyed triangle — a clear allusion to freemasons. One of the protagonists, gruncle Stan, is a former criminal who was in prison in three different countries. He is the most charismatic character of the series. Hence, the cartoon tells kids that breaking the law is acceptable.

And, of course, there is South Park that breaks every convention of political correctness in the book. In the last two episodes, the characters tried to save the town of the ManBearPig, but nobody got cereal. Maybe that was a hidden warning regarding dangers of Putinist propaganda: Masha is human (man), plays with a bear, and in one episode there is also a pig. South Park’s ManBearPig could be the composite character representing Masha and her accomplices disguised as animals.

Joking aside, the problem with such “journalism” is that distracts from real problems of our society. Such as the fact that the only station where stars of American journalism (like Larry King) can talk is sponsored by the Russians. There is no place for them in American-owned media.