“Hunt for women and girls”: American mass rapes in Upper Bavaria

Overall, the invasion reports of pastors in Archdiocese of Munich-Freising show an oppressive picture of an actual, comprehensive mass rape in Upper Bavaria, committed primarily by US soldiers, occasionally also by the French. Among others, it happened in

1. Lochhausen,
2. Obertaufkirchen,
3. Feldmoching,
4. Schellenberg bei Salzburg,
5. Neumarkt,
6. Oberau,
7. Ebersberg,
8. Grafing,
9. Holzkirchen,
10. Freising,
11. Miesbach (incl. rapes of children),
12. Moosach,
13. Kirchdorf bei Haag,
14. Wolfratshausen,
15. Otterfing,
16. Traunstein,

as well as in Munich in the parishes

* St. Emmeram,
* St. Achaz and
* Namen Jesu.

In many communities the pastors write generally about a “hunt for women and girls”, e. g. in Allach.

You can find more information about the violence of American troops against civilians in Europe here.


  • Mirjam Gebhardt, “Als die Soldaten kamen“, chapter 3, “Wer schützt uns vor den Amerikanern?” (“Who protects us against the Americans?”)