How much was one Reichsmark worth in 1945?

While processing the material on American rapes in Allach, I wanted to find out what the present value of the money that those soldiers took was. In the report above, it was reported that they took away 1500 Reichsmark. How much is that in 2019 dollars?

At the end of the war, the Allies set an exchange rate: 10 Reichsmarks for one dollar. From this we can conclude that one Reichsmark is worth 10 cents of 1945. Now we need to transform 1945-dollars into 2019-dollars. According to CPI Inflation Calculator, 10 cents in 1945 are equal to USD 1.40 in 2019.

Hence, one Reichsmark in 1945 is equal to 1.4 dollars of 2019


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