Allied War Crimes in World War II: Munich-St. Martin/Untermenzing

4-9. Parish Munich-St. Martin/Untermenzing
Reporter: Pastor Friedrich Oeller
Date: August 1945
3. The Aftermath

After the invasion the Americans began with the house searches. The rectory has been searched three times.

The American soldiers were respectable, some of them (Catholics!) very courteous. Only a couple of bottles of sacramental wine were stolen.

But from the parish itself came complaints, some of them heavy, about pillaging by the troops.

Also, three cases of rape were reported.

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The louse is your death

This poster was used to raise awareness of Typhus in concentration camp Dachau. After an epidemic, the inmates were forced to let their clothes get disinfected, go naked into the bath, and get sprayed with a disinfectant thereafter. Several inmates got sick and died as a result of this procedure.

The poster was used also in concentration camps Auschwitz-Birkenau and Mauthausen.

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