Bone Crushing Machine in Janowska Concentration Camp (August 1, 1944)

Former members of the Sonderkommando 1005 unit pose next to a bone crushing machine in the Janowska concentration camp in a photo taken by the Soviet war crimes investigation team called officially the “Extraordinary State Commission for ascertaining and investigating crimes perpetrated by the German–Fascist invaders and their accomplices”.

Soviet prosecutor Colonel Lev Smirnov testified in regards to the bone crushing before the Nuremberg Trials in February 1946 and submitted photos of the machines.

According to Smirnov, “over 200 000 Soviet citizens” were murdered at Janowska.

A bone crusher from Janowska and other items such as a bar of soap made from human fat and gloves of human skin produced in the camps can be seen in the Museum of the Great Patriotic War in Kiev.

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NATO discriminates Germans

If you look at the official homepage of the NATO, you can see that it is available in several languages.

German is not among them. That’s interesting because Ukrainian is. But Ukraine is not a NATO member yet!

What’s even funnier is that this page is available in Russian. Russia is the official enemy of the NATO. Germany is its member. So why is an official page of the NATO available in the language of its enemy, but not that of its member?

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The 25th hour