American troops in Bavaria at the end of WWII

It is pillaging, devastation, and acts of violence, including rapes that accompany the invasion of the Americans in the Upper Bavaria. Soldiers of the wealthiest country on earth enter houses in every village. First, they look for enemy soldiers and weapons. They use the occasion to collect watches and bicycles, take radios, cameras, binoculars, jewelry, silverware, pocket knives, lighters as souvenir, confiscate liquor, food reserves (especially eggs) and even living animals. Then they rape, often in a group, one or multiple times, sequentially.
American courts that investigated some of these crimes later discovered a pattern in them: At night, two soldiers enter a house at the outskirts of a village. One of the two soldiers has a gun. They both go into the second floor where the women sleep. The armed soldier takes a woman down to the ground floor and closes the door. The women are raped one after another. The soldiers leave the house. On their way home they tell other soldiers, where they can find women.

You can find more information about the violence of American troops against civilians in Europe here.


  • Mirjam Gebhardt, “Als die Soldaten kamen“, chapter 3, “Wer sch├╝tzt uns vor den Amerikanern?” (“Who protects us against the Americans?”)
  • Image is in public domain