My name is Franz Drollig and I am a writer. On this blog I publish materials related to the books I’m currently working on.

My Next Book

I’m currently writing a book about the end of World War II in Austria and Germany. One of the topics of the book are the war crimes of the Allies against German and Austrian civilians. By clicking the following link you can access factual material for my book: Violence against civilians in US-occupied territories

A House is being moved in Moscow, 1939

Gor’kogo Street (today Tverskaya), 1939

During the 20th century about 100 buildings have been moved to other places in Moscow.

The houses were relocated so smoothly that in some cases the residents did not even notice the beginning of the movement.

The heaviest house ever moved is now located at Tverskaya, 6, it is completely hidden behind the fa├žade of Stalinist buildings. This house weighs 23,000 tons. The house was relocated at night Nov. 4, 1939 with people inside. In order to avoid panic the officials deliberately gave a wrong date. As a result most people woke up in the morning to discover that their house had been moved. A six-year old girl in one apartment played with blocks and built a tower the day before. She fell asleep, leaving the tower on the table. The next morning her tower survived without being scattered.