My name is Franz Drollig and I am a writer. On this blog I publish materials related to the books I’m currently working on.

My Next Book

I’m currently writing a book about the end of World War II in Austria and Germany. One of the topics of the book are the war crimes of the Allies against German and Austrian civilians. By clicking the following link you can access factual material for my book: Violence against civilians in US-occupied territories

Ronald Reagan on taxation

The government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases:

If it moves, tax it.

If it keeps moving, regulate it.

And if it stops moving, subsidize it.

Ronald Reagan

John B. McLemore on the efficiency of government officials

These motherfuckers would have five guys to jack their damn dick off.

One to put the condom on, and one to rub the Vaseline on, and four more to file the fucking papers, and the environmentalist would clean up the damn contamination and analyze all the byproducts, and declare the jack-off site to be a superfund place.

S-Town podcast

What people are willing to die for, according to Joseph Goebbels

It is not necessary, Goebbels wrote, that this idea is written down in a thick book. To the contrary, it must contain “only a very succinct and popularly comprehensible topic” and then anticipate a prophetic show:

“You will never find millions of people willing to sacrifice their lives for an economic program. But one day, millions of people will be ready to die for the Gospel.”

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John B. McLemore on the state of the nation

We ain’t nothun’ but a nation of god damn chickenshit, horseshit, tattletale, pissy-ass, whiny, fat, flabby, out-of-shape facebook-lookun’, damn twerk-fest, peekin’ out the windas an’ slippin’ around listenin’ on the cell phone an’ spyin in the peep hole an’ peepin in the crack o’ the god damn door an’ listenin’ in the fuckun’ sheetrock.

Mr Putin pleeease, show some fuckun’ mercy. I mean c’mon, drop the fuckun’ bomb, won’t choo?

(Sigh) I gotta have me some tea.

S Town, Chapter V – 47:53